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Publisher: Roodbont Uitgeverij (2012)
Horse Signals

The subtitle of this book is 'Look, think, act'. And that is just what the authors ask of the reader. Take a good look at your own horse and other horses, think about what you are seeing, and then act accordingly. The book Horse Signals teaches you the 'difference between looking and seeing'.
Horse signals is truly written – and illustrated, with its 350 photos and drawings supporting the text – for practical use. All horse lovers, from beginner to professional, can learn from this book. Horses (like other animals) are constantly giving off signals about their health, well-being, nutrition and behaviour. How can we humans perceive, understand and use these signals? This volume can help, teaching you to look at a horse without preconceived notions and ask three key questions: What do I see? Why is that happening? And: What should I do?

Clear chapters (In the stable, Feeding and eating, Care, In the pasture) provide a sketch of various situations to train readers, so that they learn to taking in the signals constantly that horses are sending.

This book is already available in Dutch. The English edition is expected to be released in the spring of 2013.

Title: Paardsignalen/ Horse signals
Authors: Jan Hulsen, Menke Steenbergen and Marije van der Vlist
Publisher: Roodbont Uitgeverij (2012)
ISBN: 978-90-8740-074-3 (Nl)