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Publisher: Nothingham University Press (2010)
Spot the difference

Are cheetahs actually just large domestic cats? Although the domestic cat is often used as a model for the cheetah, this is apparently not always appropriate. This book provides indications for domains in which the cheetah is unique and has species-specific needs.
The cheetah is an endangered species. Main factors in its threatened extinction are loss of habitat and competition with humans regarding its territory and prey. Internationally coordinated breeding programmes have not yet produced large enough captive cheetah populations. And although these programmes have contributed to an enormous increase in knowledge specific to the cheetah, the domestic cat is still often employed as a model (especially with regard to reproduction and nutrition) for this wild cat. The appropriateness of this model can be called into question: can knowledge of the domestic cat be extrapolated to such a distant relative?

This book showcases the similarities and differences between cheetahs and domestic cats, with an emphasis on nutrition and reproduction. Where no examples are available from one of the two species, those from other members of the cat family are cited. The descriptions and comparisons are especially important for the formulation of rations for captive cheetahs, and for zoo breeding programmes.

The author conducted her doctoral research on cheetah and domestic cat nutrition, and has published various articles about both species on the topics of nutrition, growth, development and husbandry.

Title: Spot the difference: Comparative nutrition and reproduction in the domestic cat and cheetah
Author: Katherine M. Bell
Publisher: Nothingham University Press (2010)
ISBN10: 1904761607
ISBN13: 9781904761600