An app for that zoo

Zoos are keeping up with the times. In Dierenpark Amersfoort, for instance, a special three-component concept - consisting of information signs near the animals, an app, and theme booklets - was launched, to lend depth to visitors' zoo experience.
This is the way information about the animals is provided to visitors in a varied, modern manner. Fifty-five animals at the zoo already have new information signs, and the renovations continue. On the wooden signs are line drawings that also appear in the app and the theme booklets. Theme pictograms on the signs indicate if there is more information available about the animal, and within which theme it can be found. The first theme is ‘Meet our animals.’ The animals are introduced personally to the public, who can learn here why male giraffes have to work out every morning, and that Sunanda the rhinoceros is crazy about swimming. A video in the app features the unique laugh of the hyenas. The app is free; visitors can download it right after entering the zoo – using the Wi-Fi hotspot provided – in the App Store for Android and iOS. The app shows what there is to do that day at the zoo. Visitors without smartphones can also enjoy learning about the animals through the theme booklets.

The new concept at the zoo is a success. Soon, the second theme will be launched: ‘Animals in the wild.’