Renovation of the Bear Forest

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For the past twenty years, the Bear Forest in Rhenen, the Netherlands, has been home to bears that had been mistreated earlier in their lives. The Bear Forest is, however, beginning to look a bit run down. High time for a renovation!
Capitalising on the fact that the bears are having their winter rest, the Bear Forest is now being renewed and is closed to the public. Some of the bears remain in their caves in the Bear Forest, and some are spending the winter in the quarantine area. The Forest is being extended by adding a waterfall and a stream. In addition, four extra indoor enclosures are being built, and a separate area of the Forest is being set up for bears requiring extra attention.

Even the entrance to the Bear Forest will be having a facelift. Visitors will be able to go on an expedition, learning everything about the brown bear and its habitat via a pathway full of adventure. Various lookout posts will give visitors a fine view of the Forest.

The opening of the renovated Bear Forest is planned for the spring of 2014. When the bears come out of their winter rest, they will be able to enjoy their new, improved Forest.