Rare species

Source: arca-net.info
Slowly but surely we are making our way towards the summer. Holiday plans are likely taking shape. How would you like to visit a farm where Mangalitza pigs are kept? Or a place with buffalos?
Arca Net is a European network of keepers of rare species of both plants and animals. The site can be searched for animal or plant species, or for the type of location. There are arboretums, open-air or ecomuseums and city farms, as well as Ark Farms and Ark Villages. Processing centers are also included: places where products such as wool or honey are processed.

Search results can be displayed as text or as a flag on the map. More than six hundred locations are already on file, and all of them are accessible to the public. They are spread out all over Europe – in the broadest sense, with addresses as far as the Caucasus! The locations span 46 countries.