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Publisher - Saunders, 2012
Exotic Animal Training and Learning

This book is a special edition of the academic journal Veterinary Clinics: Exotic Animal Practice. It offers the most recent information on the training and behaviour of exotic pets.
As the book is written especially for veterinary practice, it contains descriptions of the role of training in medical examinations and procedures. Also covered is the preservation of the relationship between the client and the veterinarian or veterinary technician. First, the scientific basis for animal training is explained; specific articles follow on themes such as the training of birds, reptiles, fish and small mammals. Marine mammals, raptors, and even invertebrates are also among the animals discussed.

Title - Exotic Animal Training and Learning, An Issue of Veterinary Clinics: Exotic Animal Practice
Editor - Barbara Heidenreich
Publisher - Saunders, 2012
ISBN-10: 1455749680
ISBN-13: 978-1455749683