Animal welfare action plan 2006-2010

Source: ANP
During the next five years the European Committee wants to improve the welfare of animals by upgrading the minimum standard for their wellbeing and protection and by looking for alternatives to animal testing.
The minimum standard would concern species, which are currently not addressed in European legislation. European Commissioner Kyprianou has presented this during the Agriculture and Fisheries Council on the 23rd of January in an action plan to all ministers of Agriculture in the EU. Animal protectors have responded enthusiastically.
In the action plan the protection of animals is the main concern. This is based on the following elements.
The European Committee, first of all, aims at a minimum standard for farm animals. So far, the rules concerning this group of animals are very general. Farm animals ca neither be beef cattle, dairy-cows, or sheep. Kyprianou also wants animal testing to become considerably reduced and refined. The third area of action is the introduction of standard animal welfare indicators. This would come a step closer to the target regulations, which the Netherlands prefers over evidence regulations.
The Committee also wants the general public to become better informed.
Lastly, The Committee aims at founding and supporting initiatives, which lead to a higher level of animal welfare around the world.