Healthy parrots

Source: How to Recognize, Treat, and Prevent Nutritional Diseases in Parrots
A lot of parrots are fed with sun flower seeds and peanuts. Despite the fact that parrots are very fond of them, there are some disadvantages. This diet is not healthy at all.
Seeds, like those of sunflowers, but also canary seed, contains a lot of fats or carbohydrates. Apart from this, seeds contain very few protein, while essential amino acids like lysine and methionin are lacking. The level of calcium is also very low in seeds, which disturbs the calcium/phosphor balance. Even if one tried to offer a varied diet, it often happens that the bird does not eat whatÂ’s offered in its food bowl.
When it gets the change, the parrot will namely select the most tasty seeds. It can do this when the bowl contains more feed than the bird needs. If the right amount of food is given, the bird will finish its bowl.

An example of a balanced diet for parrots is a vegetarian mix of fruit, vegetables, nuts, and beans (like apple, carrot, walnut, and soy beans). The downside of such a fresh diet is that it spoils faster and takes longer to prepare.
Another way to make sure the bird gets all nutrients it needs is to offer feed in a set composition, a pellet. The preferred diet consists of 80% pellet, with some pieces of vegetable and fruit on the side. Peanuts and sunflower seeds can then be used as a reward.