Breeding of sole to become a new economic sector in Zeeland, the Netherlands

Source: Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant
Soon soles from breeding ponds will come on land. An example company lying on the landside of the dike is to provide knowledge and experience concerning the breeding of soles.
Also, a research is being conducted within the company on the sustainable production of fish and the promotion of this bred sole. The plan originated from Wageningen University and is elaborated by undertakers, the Hogeschool Zeeland, the provinces, the innovation platform Aquacultuur and the Ministry of LNV. Due to the foreign production of sole, the pressure on agriculture may possibly be lessened.

The example company, which is yet to be started, breeds young fish indoors. The breeding takes place in salt water ponds. To close the cycle of nutrients, other salt water organisms are also bred, like clam worms, crustaceans, and salt water plants.

In time, Wageningen University expects an annual sale of 15 million kilos of sole with a commercial value of 150 million euro. The income from other salt water products are estimated at another 150 million euro. Zeeland is said to have room for 150 companies. The Hogeschool Zeeland is even starting a new training and has obviously spotted new opportunities.