Seeking owner-app

The Dierenbescherming (animal protection agency) in the Netherlands has launched an app that makes it possible to see, anytime and anywhere, which animals are waiting in which animal shelters to find a new owner.
The 'Ik Zoek Baas' ('I seek an owner') app is available for Android and iOS. For years, the animal protection agency’s website has been very popular. On average, approximately 150,000 visitors use this site each month to search for a new dog, cat, rabbit or rodent. In keeping up with its times, the Dierenbescherming has developed this app as well.

Users can apply filters in order to increase the chance of a match with their future pets. Preferences for breed or age? Have a family with children and/or other pets? Interested in an animal with special care needs, or absolutely not? In addition, a map function reveals the location of the nearest shelters. An update for the app has already been planned; in the newer version, users can complete their own profile and also opt to receive automatic alerts when an animal becomes available that answers to the user’s search criteria.

The app’s launch coincides with the animal protection agency’s Kanjer (crackerjack) campaign, which draws attention to long-term residents of the shelters. One hopes that the app will make it possible for even more animals to find a new home quickly.