Gene bank for authentic trees and bushes

Source: DN
The Dutch Forestry Commission has been able to retrieve almost 60 out of the 114 varieties of old indigenous trees and bushes, has reproduced them and has planted them in the nature reserve Roggebotzand in Flevoland.
At the moment, less than 5% of the Dutch vegetation consists of the original vegetation. Nevertheless, native material is of great importance for the quality of ecosystems. In nature, the different animals and plants are very interdependent. Ecological processes soon become disrupted because of changes in, for example, the time of budding, flowering or growth.

The gene bank can supply Dutch nature reserves with indigenous trees and bushes. This makes it possible to keep them from extinction.
‘Sources for new nature’ is thus an important instrument to implement the Dutch biodiversity policy. The ministry of LNV has therefore helped to finance the gene bank. The forest in which the 'Sources for new nature' has been realised is open to the public. On the tracks and with help of information panels visitors can experience this unique piece of natural heritage themselves.