Slaughter of Irish cows refused

source: LNV
The Irish minister Coughlan of Agriculture and Food let know not to feel for slaughter of cows that have been born before 1996.
This suggestion was proposed from the Dail. Target of the suggestion was, to eliminate for once and always the risk of BSE.
The minister also expects, about 165 cases of BSE will surface in Ireland for the coming five years. He did this pronunciation on basis of the most probable scenarios. Coughlan estimates that there live currently more than 450,000 cows that are born before 1996. From the lowest price a massive slaughter would cost at least 225 mln. Minister Coughlan quoted from a report of the Irish Food Standard Agency. The Agency concludes, that from viewpoint of food safety no added profit in slaughter of older cows. Restriction is that existing controls and rules are accomplished as well.
Until now, 25 cases of BSE- contagion are observed in Ireland this year. In 2004 59 cases were observed in the same period. In 2003, it were 92 cases and in 2002, it were about 145.