Fun with your rabbit (or guinea pig)

This is the title of a short course started at De Ulebelt, a a so-called children's farm in the Netherlands. On this course, parents and children learn how to structure the life of their rabbit or guinea pig to be pleasurable and challenging.
Practical matters are included on the course, such as house-training and handling. The topic of play is also addressed. At the end of the course, participants will have more understanding of their pets’ welfare, and children will also begin to enjoy caring for their animals. The course is taught by an experienced animal behaviourist.

This course even led to an award for de Ulebelt, a children’s farm in Deventer: the 2014 Ida Zilverschoonprijs. The prize, awarded annually for the best animal welfare project, includes a gift of 2,500 euros.

The board of the Ida Zilverschoon Foundation chose the winner among the three nominations, all of a satisfactory level and content. Because animal welfare is a hot topic at children’s farms, the Ida Zilverschoon Foundation would like to honour a new recipient in the autumn of 2015. This welcome reward will provide extra encouragement for these organisations to continue their focus on animal welfare.