Summer course: Husbandry of rescued primates

AAP Rescue centre for Exotic Animals is offering a course this summer: Husbandry of rescued primates. This is an in-depth course focusing on primate rescue, rehabilitation and eventual placement.
Following an earlier successful edition, this summer course is again being offered. Foundation AAP has forty years’ experience with the rescue and re-socialisation of traumatised exotic mammals. Hundreds of macaques, baboons, chimpanzees, vervet monkeys, raccoons,
coatis and squirrels have been rescued by AAP from living under poor circumstances. These animals are given a temporary home and rehabilitated, as they have suffered from problems including a lack of species-appropriate behaviour, unnatural diets, and disease. Following rehabilitation they are relocated to an appropriate home such as a zoo.

As a non-profit organisation, AAP would like to share its expertise with interested individuals. The course offers participants theoretical and practical knowledge on rescue and rehabilitation of primates and mammals. Topics vary from veterinary care to behavioural rehabilitation and from nutrition to AAP policy issues. The course is given at the BSc+ level and is intended for students, caretakers and sanctuary managers. The summer course, given in English, is being held August 27-31, 2012. For more information about the course and accommodations, and for registration, contact AAP at .

More information and the complete programme can be found on the AAP site.