Seahorse reproduction

Source: Wikipedia
The reproduction of seahorses is remarkable. The male develops the eggs in a sort of pouch on the belly. Prior to mating, an extended mating dance is performed, during which the animals also change colour. During mating, when the tails of the couple are intertwined, ....
the female brings the egg cells in the pouch, after which the male impregnates it with his semen. Thus, the male becomes pregnant from the female and protects the embryo’s in his belly until they can live on their own. Then they appear from the pouch and start leading their own lives. This is contrary to most fish species, that abandon the eggs. There are more species that leave the care of the young with the male, but it is exceptional for the impregnation to take place in the male. As soon as the young seahorses leave the dad, it can become pregnant again. Another curious fact about the seahorse is that many species are monogamous, and remain together their entire lives. The seahorse is a social animal, that prefers to live in groups and is very gentle.